Relay For Life is 53 days away!

It will be like looking through purple-colored glasses on May 1st as local businesses “Paint the City Purple” to showcase our upcoming Relay for Life.  Support those businesses that support our fight in the battle against cancer! Our Relay at Lockport has its own web link for you to check into at, but here is a sampling of what you will find. I will be happy to answer all your questions about our June 21-22 event at Emmet Belknap Middle School Track.

For 2008 we are dedicating our efforts to “The year of the Child.” How better to celebrate our children then our theme this year? The Relay For Life of Lockport has chosen to delight you with a “Carnival.” A carnival you say? Yes, a carnival; and not just any carnival…where else can you experience all of the wonders and excitement “under the big tent” while also being a part of something as extraordinary as a Relay For Life? 

What to expect… 

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As it is still early in the planning process, it is hard to convey an all-inclusive list of events. Not to mention we don’t want to spoil all of the fun! However, listed below are plans in the works for this year’s Relay with plenty more to come… 

  • Carnival games! – pie throwing, watermelon eating, bubblegum blowing, mind-boggling fun!
  • Food! – The Popcorn Man, fried dough, cotton candy, Sno cones…
  • Entertainment! – Singing, dancing, live band, DJ, performances…
  • Interactive Friends! – Mimes, Jugglers, Clowns, Uni-cyclist, Stilt-walkers…
  • Themed Laps! – Hoola-hoops, Rock-N-Roll, Musical Chairs, PJ lap… 

Need somewhere to dunk your friend on a hot summer day? Ever wonder what it would be like to dunk a local celebrity in a tank of ice cold water? This might be your chance to find out.

Sports competitions & tournaments, face painting, team contests, scavenger hunts! In addition to a memory basket auction, chicken BBQ, team fundraisers, inspirational, touching & interactive ceremonies!

Much, Much, Much more to come…you’ll have to be there to see!

All of this while joining together as a community to raise money to eradicate cancer from this world for good. Now, it’s time to take action. Join our planning committee, start a team, join a team, make a donation, donate your time! Nothing is too small and everyone doing their part is what makes these events so successful. Without the hard-work and dedication of individuals like yourself, none of what you see above can happen.

This is YOUR chance, to make a difference. Please, contact us today!


Hello world!

Welcome to “Sunny Side Up” at The weekly Chatterbox is always full to overflowing with good news, local events and an occasional stand on my soapbox. Now we have a place to share the news that overlaps the Tuesday column and I’m hoping readers will have a lot of good news of their own to share! Many of us who grew up without computers had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the electronic age and although I’m at home with the Word program that allows me to put my thoughts on paper, I confess to often wandering around the great abyss of cyberspace looking for something familiar to latch on to. Oh, I can search the web (and I’ve even Googled myself) and can even hunt for bargains on eBay, but I haven’t yet mastered the foreign language HTML and I never thought I would have a blog! Now that I have the opportunity to communicate with readers it seems like a new-fangled way to have olf-fashioned pen-pals…er, key-pals… or maybe blog-buddies?

I guess we just roll out the welcome mat and wait to see who drops by. Expect updates on local events, funny stories about my cat, Sneakie Pie and my opinion on just about everything! I chose the blog name “Sunny Side Up” because I wanted to have a place for sharing all your good news and views. We live in a wonderful expanded community with so many people contributing to our quality of life; people who remain positive and optimistic, despite the bad news in the world. I’m a self-professed news junkie, watching newscasts morning, noon, evening and night, and I know that sensationalism sells and it’s unfortunately only human that we shake our heads over the bad news…but watch anyway. We can’t change the war, the economy, global warming, world hunger or the price of gas, but we really do have a lot to be thankful for and to smile about! There’s enough bad news to go around already, so I’m hoping we can temper it with a focus on life’s sunny side.

Thanks to Greater Niagara Newspapers for giving us the blog space. We’ll see how well we fare without those editors who make us look so professional! Expect to see way too much punctuation, because I like to think life deserves exclamation points!!!!!!!