Live from Barker, its Sunny Side Up!!

It’s official! I now have a link from the US&J’s website so I hope readers will come back. Tim Marren, my editor, mentioned that we would need to keep blogging almost daily if we accepted the challenge. Those who know me are aware of the fact that I always have something to say, so that’s not hard.

It was really purple in downtown Lockport today! There was a purple car outside the DMV and lots of support for the Relay For Life. The Twisted Sisters Relay Team decorated Lockport Assembly of God Church on Beattie Avenue and even painted the grass purple! How’s that for team spirit?!

Those who are seasoned couch potatoes like me no doubt shudder when reading about the walks, runs and marathons that raise money for charity and keep you healthy. Wearing speedos and getting up speed are, shamefully, not on my agenda. That’s one of the reasons I love the Relay for Life; there’s no athletic prowess required! There are people who love to walk that track hour after hour. There are just as many of us who are content to set up a lawn chair, watch the festivities, eat the food and just have fun.  I think our name scares some people away…thoughts of grabbing a stick from the last runner and passing it to the next!! Maybe we ought to call it the “Party for Life” because that’s what it really is. It’s a campover, a carnival, a Chinese auction, bands, entertainment, a petting zoo, activities, food, fun and more. All we need now is YOU!! What will it take to get you to participate this year? I’d really like to know.

Today is National Prayer Day. Please pray for our troops, their families, and those who have returned less than whole physically or emotionally.



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