Where are your angels when you need ’em?

Did you ever hear the old saying “God gives us angels on earth; they come to us as friends”? I am fond of saying that I am blessed with not one assigned Guardian Angel but a whole legion of whom must be flying around with halos slightly askew and frantic feathers flying loose, saying “Lord, what did she get us into this time?!” I choose to go through life saying “yes” to everything I can and it means jumping in feet first on faith and giving it a try. I am blessed with friends who stand behind every big plan I make or job I take.  Stubborn person that I am, I try not to ask, but when a crisis looms there are people in my life who respond with caring and support. How lucky I am!

I spent the day at the Olcott Fire Hall where we were setting up for the Victorian Tea to fight cancer. the Community Tea Ladies were orchestrating while my enlisted volunteers and I worked in awe of the whole process! I promise a picture tomorrow of the amazing garden walkway fashioned in the center of the Olcott Fire Hall- trees, bushes, archways and all! Katie, Stacie, Brande, Lynn and Loma let me drag them into the set-up mania and they showed up hearts and hands ready for anything. Tea ladies Joanne, Carol, Karen, Jane and another Carol  whipped us into tea lady shape in no time. When I returned from the hall, there was a message from a friend in answer to my plea for serving wenches, er, downstairs maids. Not only would Kay help, but she enlisted two friends. Another hard-working friend emailed an offer to help despite  being under the weather herself. And so the circle goes.

When one hand reaches out to help in this world, another reaches back to grab hold and we are privileged to be a part of a chain of giving. I count among my friends, acquaintances and readers some of the kindest people in the world. Where are your angels when you need ’em? Turn around gently. They’re standing behind you to catch you if you fall!

May your day be blessed with angels!



One Response to “Where are your angels when you need ’em?”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos – you’ve been the angel & the helping pair of hands many a time my friend. You were at the fire hall – why? Ahem… – D

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