Thank God for Girlfriends

 I’m sure you’ve seen all the cutesy or sentimental emails about “Girlfriends,” but it really is a serious subject. Girlfriends are second only to Mothers on the list of what-a-gal-needs-most-in-life. Prince Charming? Only if you can share the details and wave the diamond in front of girlfriends! It’s the girlfriends who help you survive the in-laws, golf buddies and annoying problems you never knew he had.

I had breakfast with a great gal pal today. We share a love of people, writing and food. On the rare occasions when we find time to get together, we are usually a trio. Our other gal pal writer wasn’t able to join us but that gives us an excuse to regroup in the near future. Over endless coffee refills the conversation has more twists than a slalom run; we can’t keep on topic. Everything we talk about is an instant segue to another story but neither of us mind. The absolute comfort and trust between friends means there is no mincing of words or careful thought. We just bubble over with the freedom to think and say anything we’re feeling.

Girlfriends are always good for a game of “one-up.” Say you did something really stupid and she’ll say “I can top that!” Oh, and don’t even get started about your wacky family because she’s got a hearty assortment of nuts in her family tree, too. Just when you think you’re the only one in the world who wanted to stuff Aunt Sophie into the dryer by the middle of a family gathering, your girlfriends will share their murderous thoughts about rotten relations, absolving you of guilt. They’re a gentle reminder that life can be difficult but it’s never boring! Problem kids? Jeans too tight? They don’t make your shade of hair dye anymore? Your gal pals have been there, done that, and usually have lots of sage advice on how NOT to handle it.

Want a piece of pie for dessert after breakfast? (Well, if you talk for two hours you get hungry again) Your girlfriend will have one with you so you don’t eat alone. It’s a tough job, but anything for a friend! Who else would genuinely understand or care if you confess you always wanted to be in the Roller Derby? Girlfriends are for sharing!

Now, I really understand when people use the phrase “It’s a guy thing.” Football, hunting, burping contests; they’re all yours, fellas. I just don’t think guys let down their machismo long enough to really talk about their inner desires or deepest dreams, although I’m sure they share the wacky family stories. That’s a sacred ritual that belongs to all of us.

If you’re blessed with good friends to help you laugh your way over the bumps in life’s road, you’re lucky. No matter what wacky things I subject my friends to, they’re always ready with smiles, hugs and some good advice I don’t have to take. They just have to give it; it’s what friends do.

Isn’t it time you called a girlfriend and made time to get together? We’re all so busy and stressed it’s hard to find the time and it’s what we need most! You’ll find yourself recharged, renewed and relaxed. Besides, you may get some great tips about what to with Aunt Sophie before the next family reunion!

To my girlfriends… I love you.


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