Roll Control

After years of wrestling with plastic wrap, waxed paper and aluminum foil that jumps out of the box with a quick yank, I try to remember to be gentle about it…to no avail. During a cookie baking spree last week for our Victorian tea, I happened to open up a new box of aluminum foil, the generic kind from WalMart. While zipping open the box, I noticed a curious X cut into the box end, with instructions to “Push tabs in to lock in roll.” In the blink of an eye I had both sets of tabs splayed inwards, securing my roll and sparing my toes. Eureka! What a simple solution to a universal problem!

A few days later, my email brought a forward from someone who had discovered the tabs on brand name and generic foil as well as plastic wrap. The writer spoke as if the tabs had been there for a long time and she had just discovered them. Well, I couldn’t believe that too many of those tabs had slipped by without my notice, so I decided to search the Internet to see if they were ever mentioned in an ad or publicity. Guess what? I couldn’t find a thing other than a mention on a rolling support  blog for Weight Watchers. It seems folks on the blog just found them as well. That begs the question “Just when did they tab our roll boxes??” How many of you noticed them?

It’s not that they have to ask our permission to alter our boxes, but when companies spend a gajillion dollars a year on advertising to get our attention, don’t you think that a discovery like this should have been announced in Prime Time? I mean, they call a product new and improved if they add the extra four digits to the company zip code on the bag. This is HUGE! Had they announced these magic tabs with the fanfare they deserved, shoppers would be crowding the aisles to poke every wrap box on the shelves. Ah, the novelty!

Whoever decided to X my box to lock my roll deserves a big reward. Are you listening, big companies? Life is full of little annoyances that we could do without and that little X took care of a big one. Stop spending all that money on top notch designers and get the guy with the exacto knife who just made my life a wee bit easier. Who knows what other great problems he can solve?

On my next supermarket trip, I’ll be looking for more roll boxes with push tabs; who cares what they are as long as they don’t pop out of the box? At last, I’ll be in control of my rolls. Now, if only I could open the plastic cereal bags without a machete…


One Response to “Roll Control”

  1. Lynnemarie Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I just went throught the cupboard and checked the x marks the spot. And as I closed my cupboard all my foil and plastic wrap rolls are snug in their boxes. Finally a kitchen tip we can really use.
    Thanks for letting us in on the secret.

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