And the Winner is….

Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world full of “Winners?” Judging by the number of award shows on television we have much to celebrate! Admittedly, I’m not a fan of award shows. Some of the outfits that stroll the red carpet are worth a chuckle after the critics rip them to shreds, but they get  and reprinted endlessly, so there’s no need to watch the original footage. Even the Oscars, once a golden tribute to our greatest talent, has become a tinseltown popularity contest. Then, of course, there are the music awards (in every genre), sports awards, comedy awards and even awards for the best television commercials. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier than that, be sure you don’t miss…

The Movie Trailer Awards, hosted by Sinbad! Seriously. You know those annoying 30 second speed flicks of the best parts of the movie that run incessantly to preview, promote and review current films? Well, now they are going to have their own award show. Am I the only one who thinks we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here? The movie makers are already making scads of money; why do they need more awards? It’s not as if the rich and famous don’t need any more “goodie bags” of free stuff worth thousands of dollars. Isn’t it their due to be showered with free stuff in addition to trophies and free publicity? Why, they’re “WINNERS,” after all.

I think I need to start my own awards show. I know plenty of winners who are worth their weight in gold. And the winners are…

The single parents who struggle to support their families financially, emotionally and spiritually are winners. The volunteers who are the backbone of every organization are winners. The people who go out of their way to spread joy and kindness in this world with their sunny dispositions are winners. People who have little in the way of material wealth, who spend their days looking for ways to give generously wherever they can, are winners. People who take in unwanted children, pets and society’s outcasts are winners. I am blessed with some precious friends who deserve the top prize for their love and support. The families who struggle to  hold to religious faith and moral conduct in a world of temptation are winners. Those who choose to be part of the solution rather than the problem are winners. The first responders who face dangers on the streets to keep our families and homes safe are winners. The soldiers who don the uniform of the U.S. Military because of their pride in country and freedom are winners. And the list goes on….

This weekend the award goes to all those who will participate in tributes to our fallen soldiers, those who celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day. Whether you march in a parade, attend services in church or get together with family for the traditional beginning-of-summer barbecue, remember those who have paid the supreme price and the families who mourn them. Pray. Pray hard for a lasting peace and an end to war.

One more thing. Take a moment this weekend to find a veteran. They are all around, those veterans of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan and ports around the world. They are usually quiet, unassuming and unused to praise or awards. they carry in their hearts a knowledge of the true horror and sadness of war, scars that sometimes will not heal. Go and shake that veteran’s hand, offer a hug and a simple “thank you” for service to our country. These, my friend, are the champions. To them goes the prize. We may not have goodie bags of cosmetics and electronics to offer them but a little gratitude will go a long way. Gratitude and prayer go hand in hand and the more we offer of both, the more we have to give. God bless our vetrans, here and gone.




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  1. Debbie Says:

    You’ve got it! – D

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