Balloons and kids…always fun.

Pockets the clown paid a visit to the Niagara County Campground on Saturday, where kids enjoyed a mini-carnival. A few campground residents recalled seeing Pockets in the rain at WalMart last week! Yep, she’s a pretty noticeable gal. Blessed with a sunny day to kick off the holiday weekend, the kids enjoyed games, won prizes and lined up for balloon animals. The kids love them all, of course, and are very particular about color choices and characters. Nobody wants just “a dog.” They want a wiener dog, a fluffy dog, a dog like my dog loopy at home….or, can you make SpongeBob?? Thankfully they continue to be amazed by swords, bees, hummingbirds and wacky hats and can be distracted from the imperfections of the colorful creations. Just for the record…no SpongeBob.

In the serenity of the campgrounds, kids were outdoors enjoying simple pleasures instead of plugged into video games. That’s a good thing. I did see a few satellite dishes set up at seasonal campsites, but folks were out and about getting exercise and greeting old friends. It was a lazy, relaxing morning topped off by grilled hot dogs and cold soda. Ah, the splendor of the season!

One thing I wasn’t quite ready to see was a handful of brave kids in swimsuits, racing to jump in the little lake at the campground. Sunny as it was, there was a brisk, cool breeze that had the adults shivering when the sun went behind a cloud but it didn’t stop those kids. A few jumped right in and got drenched while others tiptoed in and got wet an inch at a time. Brrrr. They loved it though, and squealed with glee while the adults shivered just watching them! Ah, childhood! Remember the days of careless abandon and throwing caution to the wind? Maybe we should be more like those kids, with no thought of catching a cold, getting an earache, getting pneumonia or picking up some dirt and germs in the unsanitized water. While we adults, older and wiser, count the reasons for not doing something, the kids just jump right in, have fun and damn  the consequences. In an overly sanitized, organized and techno-gizmo world it was somehow reassuring to see kids happy to take on the great outdoors in all its glory. And hey, it was too chilly for mosquitos so that’s a good thing! Here’s wishing everyone some uncomplicated, simple fun this weekend. Aw, go ahead…..the water’s fine!




2 Responses to “Balloons and kids…always fun.”

  1. Fay Gordon Says:

    Considering I’m never warm, I find it hard to understand how shivering kids can say through purple lips “It’s not cold.” (Maybe you have to be in the water to find the warmth)-

  2. juliechatterbox Says:

    From someone who is usually too warm and looking to cool down, believe me when I tell you it was WAY too cold in the water as well! I guess it’s a rite of spring/summer but I’ll pass! 🙂 Brrrr…..

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