Pie in the face, anyone?

My weekly Chatterbox column carried a bit about a fun fundraiser at Barker Central School. Six teachers have offered themselves up as potential targets for a pie-in-the-face to help raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Students can donate $1 to vote for a teacher- the one with the most votes gets a pie…the hard way. Also, one of those vote tickets will be chosen and that lucky person gets to deliver the pie! How many of us have, at one time or another, wanted to cream a teacher with goo???? It’s for a great cause and all in good fun. The teachers from the elementary school are Mr. LaRock and Mr. Ingro. From the Middle School it will be Mr. Norris and Mr. Cantella, and from the High school, Mr. Gerstung and Mr. Gilsinan.

The funny thing is, Bob Gilsinan posted a message for me that, I do believe, throws down a challenge! He wrote “Thanks for including the pie article on the cancer walk. I hope your publicity helps the other candidates!!!” heh heh heh! I guess that means everybody should add extra votes for Mr. G, since he tried to deflect them. Does the throw-winner also get to pick the pie? I vote for ooey-gooey cherry topped with about 6 inches of whipped cream. Do I get to donate and get a chance at delivering it??

Here’s hoping they raise a lot of money before the final vote tally on Friday the 13th of June. The Barker Teacher’s Union is sponsoring the pie-toss for the breast cancer walk! Great idea!

Now that I’m thinking about it, do you suppose someone would pay to cream ME with a pie for the Relay for Life??? For the right donation, I’d take a pie at the public Farmer’s Market! Anything to help the cause. I’d offer to let myself be duct-taped to a wall but there’s not enough duct tape in the county to achieve that! 🙂


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