The lap-walking challenge is on!!


    During our years of Relay, the amount of lap-walking has varied greatly. In general, each team is supposed to have one member on the track at all times, but it’s never checked and there’s no actual baton to pass. A Survivor may only do one lap, yet we’ve had a couple of individuals who have walked the track for the entire Relay. Most everyone walks the Luminaria Lap, to read the names of those we are honoring. This year we’ll have a great way to keep track of the laps and miles! Among the many fundraising ideas for our American Cancer Society Relay for Life, is one designed to keep participants walking (The physically fit among you will rejoice; couch potatoes not so much)The “Mar’s Stars” team from DeWitt Clinton Elementary School will be selling Lap Tracker Necklaces as a way to keep track of laps and miles walked. The basic necklace with a starter bead costs $3 or $5 for two. Once the Relay starts, beads will be available at the team tent. Each time a person takes a lap on the track they will take a bead from our tent and add it to their necklace. The beads will be purple and white. White ones can be taken after each lap and purple ones will be taken for each mile completed (every four laps). Team member Heather Bitka said, “The beads are included in the price of the necklace and we are hoping it will create some fun competition between walkers and teams. We are hoping this will be the beginning of a tradition of Lap Trackers.” Beads will be available until the close of Relay at 6 a.m. Sunday morning. Advanced sales are encouraged, especially for team orders. To purchase necklaces, you may contact Bitka at or 478-4601. Necklaces will also be available at the final Team Captain Meeting and banking night at 7 p.m. on June 19 in the Emmet Belknap cafeteria. This is great keepsake and way to help the cause! Even those not registered on teams and just coming to walk and visit Relay can buy a necklace!


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