Winning kids tell it like it is!

            I love words and the power they yield to convey emotions!! Each year the American Federation of Women’s Clubs holds a Creative Writing Contest for school children and for adults. Our local Avon Study Club, as part of the federation, solicits entries from our Barker School children and club members, to be judged at levels from Western New York to the National. I was honored to have a piece I wrote several years ago go all the way to take the top prize, so I know how special those certificates of recognition are. It means that someone has read your thoughts or ideas and liked them!

            Former school-teacher Karen Davis, current Avon Club president, works with Mrs. Briggs at BCS and gets our entries on track and we had about 30 entries this year. Karen called me with the good news that e have two WNY winners here in Barker School! I can mention their names in my Chatterbox, but I really wanted to share their entries because they convey personal emotions so well. Ever wonder what’s on the mind of the average 8 to 12 year old? These may surprise you.

            Congratulations to Elizabeth and Kamilah and thank you to Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Briggs and BCS staff and all who support and promote creative writing! Congratulations also to the parents of these young ladies; nice job! So much of media is fleeting, but words are immortal.


First Place winner, Division 1

By Elizabeth Trombley

Grade 3  Pratt Elementary, Barker




Mom, Merry Christmas! Make all your dreams come true.

Every time Christmas comes I think of you and you are the soul in my life.

Roses are sweet and you are too.

You are the one I look up to and you are the one I love.

Realize that I love you, and that’s why I wrote this poem because I love you.

You are the Mom that gave me life,

                but you look like a diamond in the shimmering light.


Christmas night I will pray for a long lasting mother, that will love and never stop.

Hanukkah is a time I love to spend all hours with you. That’s how much I love you.

Receive this message that I write,

                 Because you are the diamond that is being bright in my life.


I am thankful for my mom because I could not live without her.

Santa is watching and I have been doing some things, but I want to stop,

                And I am sorry for that.

The poem I’m writing is all about you. That’s what I’m doing because, I love you!

Mommy, you are the special one. I love you more than Marty, our dog.

After we put the ornaments up I hug you and you hug me.

Santa is coming and I want to ask him for a diamond necklace for Christmas,

So I can give it to you.


Third Place Winner, Division 2

By Kamilah  Robison

Grade 5  Barker Middle School



I can make a difference by helping people see the good in a bad time.

Even if my friends are sad I can help them be extremely happy.


Don’t mask your tears

Don’t hold it in

Don’t put on a smile to keep back the tears.


It’s okay.


Some people say I understand even if it is not true.

I may not understand your pain but I know how it feels to hurt.


It’s okay, you’ll get through.


Why, you ask, and how, too?


It’s simply cause we’re all here for you!


One Response to “Winning kids tell it like it is!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    How awesome is that! Kamilah has won writing contests before. She’s very talented – its nice to watch their progress. Great stories – I can see why they won. Thanks for sharing! – D

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