Relay memories on my mind…

What were the memorable scenes from Relay for Life 2008?


**The sight of balloons winging skyward in volleys of rainbow colors, released by those who battle cancer.

** Exhausted committee members seeing the fruits of their labors in full bloom, often through tears of joy.

**Knee-high kids paying rapt attention to the Gravity Pirate jugglers who were showing them how to do it.

**Little kids hopping on colorful blow-up unicorns they won in the kid’s game tent; hair flopping in the sunshine.

** Aimee Haws displaying tremendous courage as she walked the track with a button and framed photo of son Alex, gone from earth after losing his battle with cancer but always in our hearts.

**While one young boy was proudly displaying the four live goldfish he won, his Mom looked none too thrilled at the prospect of adopting them! As a matter of fact, she did suggest a fish fry….just kidding, of course. I remember that carefree young man when he had just gone through years of chemotherapy and walked in our Barker Relay, with a Survivor shirt down to his knees.

**Friends from the Breast Cancer Canal Walk back again to join us. When we first started our Relay, they called to welcome us to publicize at their event- a rare partnership and the beginning of beautiful friendships!

**Gracie, the chocolate Lab therapy dog who loves to play soccer, defending a goal in the end zone. I wonder how many kids got a goal past the friendly pooch goalie!

**The Gieco Gecko who walked around in the giant suit all day deserves a medal! I was hot enough in pink hair!

**Seeing the strength in the faces of the survivors who walked the track to applause and cheers is always touching. No matter how they have been ravaged by cancer and the drugs that fight it…no matter if they’ve lost hair, lost weight or lost everything they tried to eat in the last week. At Relay they are refreshed and they are all BEAUTIFUL!

**Young children selling tickets, homemade brownies and anything else they could to raise money to help other kids.

** The waves of snow cones, cotton candy, and fried dough making the rounds made it seem just like a county fair!

** There is one very proud music teacher in heaven! The young chorus from DeWitt Clinton sang in memory of their teacher and their beautiful, clear voices were surly heard  up in the clouds!

** Wet, wind-whipped relayers in the semi-dark of the school cafeteria to carry on with a candle-lighting ceremony. While the skies wreaked havoc around us, the choir sang, the candles were lit and many prayers were sent to those gone and those who fight.

** The beautiful mini-gardens in front of the survivor tent lent an air of pageantry to the ceremony. Thanks to Stedman’s Nursery for all the work.

**The familiar faces in the Quality/Hartland Bible Church tent who have been cooking hot dogs and strawberry shortcakes for us for years!

** Ridgewood Bible Church, which takes photos of all the teams, made a huge painted scene of Relay with faces cut out so walkers could stick their own faces in for pictures. What fun!

**A grandfather and grandson sharing the time-honored tradition of clowning to spread joy to young and old alike!

**On the “smile and hug” meter of life, Saturday’s Relay was waaaayyy over the top!!

**A top hat, tutus, a caged tiger and the zany, wonderful humor that is the Barker Soda Jerks! They’re unique and inspire fun all around them!

**A lot of people were wearing lap tracker necklaces to keep track of trips around the oval and they were certainly racking up beads until the rain came. Great way to exercise and be healthy!!

** Making music! From the Hearty Lockport Community Band to the CRS Band, Red House Guitar Kids, youth and adult choirs and the memorable Mimes, it was an impressive array of people volunteering to share their talents to help the cause. Sharing personal gifts is what life is all about!

** And the list goes on……….


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