More on my raccoon

Well, sealing off the kitty door effectively stopped the midnight raids on edibles in my house, but the resident cat is none too happy about being restricted from her own nighttime wanderings. If my poacher was, indeed, the friendly raccoon that visits next door, I hope it finds a natural food source and stays out of trouble. I realize that some creatures are a nuisance but I always feel a bit guilty about the whole “mankind encroaching on wildlife habitats” thing. I mean, these critters have hunger and a survival instinct and were made to forage for themselves. It’s not like they can pop down to the K&K for potato chips!

I also realize that rabies is a big threat and we must exercise caution when animals are behaving strangely but…I read the Mailbag letter from a man of the cloth who saw a raccoon looking disoriented on a busy highway, so he used the only weapon at hand and beat the critter to death. God save us from confused critters! I mean no disrespect, but if I was about a foot long and had wandered onto a highway with monster machines whizzing by in every direction, I would be terrified and disoriented as well.

For me, it goes back to the killing thing…my inability to inflict pain or death on living things. Perhaps a less descriptive letter citing the danger of rabies might not have made me as ill as the details of the raccoon’s demise. I know the man was trying very hard to alert others to danger (although no agencies cared to examine the remains for signs of rabies and it’s now buried) but I still carry the guilt thing about displacing God’s creatures. If only the letter writer had not sounded so triumphant at having dispatched the critter by beating it to death.

If humans were to be dispatched for “acting strangely” maybe our species would be next on the endangered list. *sigh*


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