Love cherries, hate the pits!


  • This is a comment from Farsong about cherries and berries. “I just picked black raspberries on July 4, YUM. What I really hate about cherries is pitting them. I know there are cherry pitters one can buy, but I don’t know how they work or what they cost, and I don’t like the idea of keeping another appliance around that I only use once a year. Ideas?”

The novelty of chewing a ripe cherry off the pit and “spitting” it to see how far it goes wears off fast.  Of course, you can spend a couple of hundred bucks on another mechanical marvel that will collect dust on your shelf the other 11 months of the year, but who needs that? When we used to come from the city to visit my grandparents on the Hatter Road, there was always a wealth of local produce at roadsides along the way. Grandma had a neat little widget she called a “stoner,” and if we kids were very careful, we got to pop those pits out in style. The one she had looked like this…   It held up through thousands of cherries in the 1950s-60s but alas, I don’t know what relative got possession of it. I know they’re still available, though.

 I found a really great version online for only twelve bucks, and it even catches the juice! It takes all size cherries, even my sweet Bings. You can find it at

I hope this helps, Farsong. Anybody else have a homemade or cheaper idea for de-pitting?? Comment, please!


3 Responses to “Love cherries, hate the pits!”

  1. farsong Says:

    Thanks for the idea! Hm. From looking at it, I’m not sure if it would actually make the job any easier, although if it prevents splattering, that would be nice.

  2. juliechatterbox Says:

    Hang on! A friend is going to add a homespun tip for those pesky pits later on!

  3. Fay Gordon Says:

    My grandmother used a hairpin. I remember her sitting under a tree, getting the pits out with the poke of the hairpin. Fay

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