“Pockets” is going to Middleport on Sunday!

The First Annual Community Family Night in middlrport will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, and Pockets the Clown has been invited. This time there’ll be REAL animals to go with her balloon animals, because the Buffalo Zoomobile will be there at 6 p.m.! Holy Cross Lutheran Church is planning and sponsoring the activities, which include a bounce house, games, face painting and much more.  The whole community is invited for an evening of fun and fellowship.

Hot dogs and pop will be available for $1, and all the proceeds will go toward the new playground renovations that concerned citizens have taken on. There have been several fundraisers for MOP (Middleport Outdoor Playground) and you can get cheap treats and help the playground fund at the same time. For information on Middleport activities and MOP fundraising, check out Lynnemarie Donner’s “Towpath Partyline” on Wednesday in the US&J and Medina Journal or check out her Everyday Connection blog link to the right!

Pockets says “See you there, everybody!”


4 Responses to ““Pockets” is going to Middleport on Sunday!”

  1. balloonanimals Says:

    Pockets make sure you don’t accidentally give a way a REAL animal on a balloon leash. I sure it’s going to be a great time at this event


  2. Lynnemarie Says:

    Thanks to Pockets for helping out the Playground Fundraiser.! Hey, does Pockets have her own page on the blog?

  3. juliechatterbox Says:

    Since the Zoomobile brings lots of reptiles, I might try fir a lizard on a leash! <[:o). I really enjoyed checking out your balloon pages and even signed up for your newsletter. All you folks who are fascinated by those loony latex creations should check out Dale’s link. He’s a real ARTIST!

  4. juliechatterbox Says:

    I’ll have to see if Pockets can come up with a photo and bio. She’s very shy, you know!

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