Getting the message via email

I get a lot of email from new people and unfamiliar addresses, and sometimes the very-efficient junk mail filter catches a legitimate message. I check the junk mail box every day so I don’t miss something important and sometimes I’m amazed by the caliber of junk in the box. I’m very vigilant about reporting phishing scams (attempts to get me to reveal account numbers or personal information) and know better than to believe

 “We have a large inheritance for you but can’t reach you.” Every once in a while I’ll enter a contest online or fill in a survey that triggers a slew of offers they think I’ll fall for. I signed up on “Tagged” at the invitation of a friend and started to receive lots of “over 40 and single?” or “We’ve got the one for you!” messages. If I write in a survey that I have a bachelor’s degree but stopped short of my master’s, Universities from Philadelphia to Zimbabwe are selling their programs. Insurance? They’re out there to insure my life, my safety, my health, my cat and the house, boat, motorcycle, and pool I don’t own. I can’t even imagine what site visit triggered the slew of mail-order cheap Viagara ads (unless it goes with the over-40 singles list). *sigh*

            The solution? Honest companies have opt-out instructions at the very end of their message so you can be removed from their mail list. It does work, but that’s only for messages you have opened to read. If you’re tired of hearing from sites you shopped at or visited once, just find the “click here to unsubscribe” space. We all know we should NEVER open a strange ATTACHMENT! That can unleash viruses and computer meltdown! The safest thing to do is DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. It’s time-consuming to use your “block sender” option for every message because the scammers and salesmen change the address every time. Yes, I know better, but sometimes I’m so tempted……..

            Junk from non-English speaking countries can be really funny. The phony names and syntax, bad spelling and other signs sometimes add a chuckle on the way to delete, but you can usually get good hints about content from the subject line. Every once in a while I get one that is so silly I am really tempted to open it, or pass on the chuckle. For the life of me, I can’t figure out if this one is selling mail-order psychiatric drugs, a massage, or a rocky mass of mountain cliff. Look below and see what you think! On the off-chance that I’m missing something good by not giving Mr. Tiklin a chance to tell me about psycho crags…oh, well! Any ideas?


From GATAM TIKLIN    Subject:  New private massege for you! psycho crags.‏


2 Responses to “Getting the message via email”

  1. juliechatterbox Says:

    Here’s another one for laughs!
    Private message for you. tilted owl.‏
    From: Pottkotter Kissiah

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