Our Relay For Life tops $100K and counting…

 We’re well into July but fundraising for our Relay for Life goes on! If you haven’t visited our website lately, our current total is $100,953.15! We had 63 Teams, 658 registered walkers and LOADS of people come out to join us! We had a competition going all year to select “TEAM TERRIFIC,” based on team spirit and efforts to promote our Relay and the American Cancer Society in the months preceding Relay. The winner got a special sign for their tent, a prime camping site, pizza at midnight and lots of cheers and hurrahs! It was such a very close competition and DeWitt Clinton’s “Mar’s Stars” took the top, but the Concordia Kahunas were close behind! Well, both of our powerhouse teams were side-by-side and both had signs proclaiming their spirit. The big announcement, fanfare and pizza never happened when the storm shut the Relay down early, but all their hard work promoting our cause really added to this year’s success!

            The battle for top-dollar team goes on, with Advantage Physical Therapy in the  Top 5 lead at $7,535. The Kahunas are at $6,041.81; NGAS is at $5,297, Lucky Duckeez is at $4,649 and Carol’s Pit Crew is at $4, 358.00.  The Top 5 individuals include Karen Claud, $5,297; Michael Jurnack, $3,555; Madeline Chenez, $2,885.10; Amanda Cox, $2,299 and Lisa Szpilewski at $1,140. Geico is our top Company Team with $%,007.43. With today’s shaky economy and people having to tighten their belts, these folks have still come through! Of course, every team and dollar raised is special!
            Many people work for companies whose matching donations have yet to be tallied and more fundraisers are still coming up! The 2008 Relay season isn’t over and we still need your help to match last year’s $150,000. total. Attend one of the upcoming events, contribute to someone you know from our Relay, or check out our Lockport Relay For Life Home Page at the address below. You can find all of our participants and make a donation online!

            Remember, there is no finish line till we find a cure! http://relay.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RelayForLifeEasternDivision?fr_id=8197&pg=entry


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