Rally ’round the Palace!

I LOVE the Historic Lockport Palace Theatre! It is a jewel in Eastern Niagara County that brings wonderful entertainment to families, at affordable prices. I had the pleasure of volunteering in the box office for about eight months (and when the gas prices go down I hope to return) and the people behind the Palace work tirelessly to keep it going. The beautifully restored building has lots of needs that get taken care of one at a time…when there is money. They recently put in a new heating/air-conditioning unit to be more efficient and cost and eco friendly. The all-volunteer board is constantly looking for grants or other sources of money. Right now they have a huge opportunity to get a big check, but only if the community steps up to show support first. One of the best features of our Palace is that the spacious seating allows those with handicaps or old bones easy access (which I really appreciate) but the rest rooms need some serious revamping to be accessible. I know that’s one of the many projects on the “Wish List” and you could make it happen. All the folks you see at work, in the box office, as ushers, in the concession stand, etc. are volunteers. They need more of them. If you don’t have money to give, give of your time! It’s exciting to be a part of the royal family at the Palace! Here is the info on the upcoming Palace benefit (a fun time last year). If you can’t attend, consider a donation or go see a show! Tonight is the last performance of the classic “West Side Story!”

Help the Palace raise $60,000!

The Kenan Foundation will award the Palace Theatre $75,000 in December 2008 if the Palace is able to raise $60,000 by that time. We are having a series of events to meet that goal. This is the first event of the series!

“Picnic at the Palace”

Saturday, July 26 3-8 p.m.

Chiavetta’s chicken barbeque ($8 includes strawberry shortcake)

Free under the marquee:

“Flyin’ Blind” at 3 p.m.

Lockport Community Band at 6 p.m.

Bring your lounge chairs and relax on the closed off Main Street. There will be a free bounce house, a basket raffle and beer, wine and pop will be for sale.

Visit www.lockportpalacetheatre.com or call 438-1130 for more information. Be a part of history!


One Response to “Rally ’round the Palace!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I have so many memories of the Palace as a kid – from people throwing popcorn fom the balcony at critical moments during Jaws to all the great – now-classic movies that are being re-released on DVD. No other theater has the same ambiance. What a great opportunity to help.

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