Helping teens help the world! The Pickle Jar Project

What are YOU doing this Saturday? Why not join some area teens who are attempting to  make a difference a world away in Africa’s Sudan. Just $10 in donations will register you for this humanitarian walk in Lockport!

Walking with the Lost Boys of Sudan



: July 26, 2008 (rain or shine)
Time: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Registration: 9 a.m. – noon
Location: 2 miles along the Erie Canal
Wide Waters Park
767 East Market Street
Lockport NY



For registration forms or information go to


The website has lots of information and it’s worth a visit just to read “The Story of the Pickle Jar” that inspired the name of the project. We hear so much in the media about young people doing bad things, and not nearly enough about the ones who use their gifts and heart to better their communities. These young people are doing it on a global scale and are halfway to their goal. Here’s an excerpt from the web page. May you be inspired to help with whatever you have in your own pickle jar! God Bless!


36 teens attended a service camp called Young Christians at Work for a few days leading up to Easter of 2007. Service and social justice were the prevailing themes during their stay at Harvest House in downtown Buffalo.

The teens heard the story of the pickle jar and began collecting loose change in their own pickle jar. One evening, the pastor of St. Martin de Porres, Fr. Ron Sajdak brought one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Fidele Diing Dhan, to teach the teens about global solidarity and outreach.  Fidele explained that he hoped to build a clinic and a school in his village in Southern Sudan.

By the end of the week, the teens had decided to dedicate themselves to raising enough money to build a wing of the clinic.  With a goal of $35,000 and a year and a half to accomplish it, the teens became a youth branch of Reaching Out To Africa (ROTA).  They named their project after the story, and the Pickle Jar Project became a reality. Our goal is to raise $35,000 for a wing of the Koiyom Clinic, dedicated to Father Gary Bagley and Sister Karen Klimczak SJ.


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