Our Soldiers need your help!

On Friday, my Spotlight column in the Union Sun & Journal will focus on a local effort to collect school supplies and children’s clothing, for our soldiers in Afghanistan to distribute to the over 2 million Afghan orphans! Afghan changing seasons match ours; it’s not all desert heat. Any new or clean, gently used clothing will help these kids. With school supplies going on sale now, you can pick up inexpensive notebooks, pencils, etc. that these kids will treasure (NO crayons! They melt all over everything in transit).

They will also be collecting personal care, food items, and “luxuries” for our soldiers there. The simplest things can be a slice of home for our men and women in uniform. There is a “Wish List” that is detailed and extensive and I can’t publish it in my column. I’ve attached it as a separate page so it will stay easy ti find. Look at the arrows at the top of this blog site for the “Soldier Wish List” and keep it handy when you’re out shopping!!!  Absolut Health Care in Gasport will be collecting things for orphans and soldiers until August 15 and you can drop them off on weekends or until 8 p.m. at night, making it really convenient! They are also collecting monetary donations to pay several thousand dollars in shipping costs. For more information, contact community liaison Helen Feron at (716) 725-1834.

So, friends… read the Spotlight on Friday for more information on the orphans and this effort to help both orphans and soldiers. Print this list! Pass it on to your families, co-workers, groups and organizations. No matter how meager your circumstances, there is something on that list that would make a soldier smile (pictures of SNOW is an easy one!) and you’ll smile with the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone else!

Above all, PRAY long and hard for our men and women in uniform, their families at home and the wounded warriors now trying to reclaim their lives. Pray for a lasting PEACE.


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