A tough pill to swallow

Like most people, I think of my daily dose of medications as a necessary evil. I can think of better things to swallow than an assortment of pills, but it’s no big deal. The Prednisone has an aftertaste I’m not fond of, but compared to some antibiotics the size of mini-surfboards, it’s not bad. My question is, what’s so tough about swallowing a pill??? (this isn’t aimed at those with genuine swallowing difficulties)

The Boniva commercials with Sally Field (everyone’s favorite Flying Nun) make me crazy. In her genuine, heartfelt way she confides that she used to have to take a pill EVERY WEEK for her bones. Gasp! How horrible! Thank goodness Boniva only has to be taken once a month, to end the poor woman’s drudgery!

I just watched a commercial for birth control that offers to save women the dreaded hardship of having to take a pill EVERY DAY! Gosh ladies, just implant a device and imagine all the time and anguish you could save by not taking a pill EVERY DAY! How will you spend those extra three seconds a day that will be returned to you? You’ll be liberated!!

People, get with it. Just take the damn pill. Be thankful that there is a medicine, available to you, to take care of your ills. Have you ever watched a young child with leukemia gagging on liquid medicines that are part of chemotherapy treatments? Have you seen burn victims suspended in mid-air because the slightest touch creates excruciating pain? How about the soldier trying to deal the prosthesis that’s supposed to take the place of missing limbs? I have a feeling those people would consider themselves lucky to just have to take a pill a day! What about those who desperately need medicines to live but can’t afford them? What a dream-come-true it would be for them to have pills to take! Drug companies are making billions of dollars by pandering to our laziness and greed for faster and better. Once their patent for a drug runs out, they can change the size or delivery system of the same drug and charge top dollar again.

We are a culture of whiners. Everything is just “too hard.” We can’t just do what has to be done without looking for an easier way or a way out. If swallowing a pill is the hardest thing you have to do in your day, thank God for your blessings!


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