Reality TV can be a nailbiter!

Okay, I’m a foodie. I love to watch cooking shows and the Food Network and feel like Paula, Emeril, Rachel and the rest are my friends, my foodie family. I watch them whip up fabulous recipes I’ll never try but I pick up a lot of food trivia and techniques so it’s not entirely wasted. Even better than the television cooks are the reality TV competitions. Bravo’s”Top Chef” is a winner and I love it. Gordon Ramsey’s “Hells Kitchen” is my favorite and theres never a dull moment (he’s a madman but he sure knows his stuff!) Tonight was the finale of “The Next Food Network Star” and it was a nailbiter!

All along it looked like perfectly-coiffed Lisa was in the lead. I don’t trust anyone who cooks in high heels and silk shirts. She was very knowledgeable but her theme was easy techniques to cook ritzy food. Adam, on the other hand, was a smooth-talking guy so comfortable in front of the camera he could have ANY kind of show. My personal favorite was Aaron- the husky, soul food cookin’ everyday guy you’d like to barbecue with. A marvelous cook, he’s not as comfortable in front of the camera. You know they say, “nice guys finish last,” so I didn’t hold out much hope. Tonight’s finale had the three remaining contestants tape a pilot for their show. Lisa charmed, Adam smooth-talked, and Aaron was just folksy. In the end, it wasn’t yuppie Mom or Slick young charmer who won, it was Big Daddy Aaron! His new show debuts next week and I’ll be there, watching him cook great recipes I’ll never try myself. But hey, now he’s one of the family, too!


2 Responses to “Reality TV can be a nailbiter!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I never got into the Next Food Network Star, but I’m totally hooked on Top Chef. Mark laughs at me for it. That and Project Runway are my two vices that I MUST Tivo every week. We all need a little mindless indulgence now & then – right? – D

  2. Lynnemarie Says:

    As for the Next Food Network Star? Except for Guy, I never watch them after they get their own show. I guess it’s the thrill of the competition we enjoy.
    And yes, Top Chef is a good show. Glad there are more foodies out there besides me…

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