Garlic powder! Sponge Candy! What’s new at our market?

Don “Ski” Pyskaty, our local Polish Prince of Garlic, had his wildly popular garlic powder at tonight’s farmer’s market in Barker. Folks who used up last year’s supply of the potent powder have been waiting for the Pyskatys to start the process of making freshly grown garlic into a sprinkle of flavor. It sells out quickly as more people find out how great it is. Some purists still prefer the fresh garlic bulbs and there are more of those every week!

I tried a new kind of leaf lettuce today from Humble House Gardens- it was “butter_____” (I forget) and it was nice and mild for those who don’t like the strong flavor of dark leaf lettuce. Oh, and the Goodie  Barn is now making red candy apples (yay) and homemade sponge candy!!! See what you’re missing????

The array of fruits and vegetables we see in the park every week is an ever-changing palette of colors and flavors. It doesn’t get any fresher or better than this, and there are many weeks of harvest surprises left, so come on down and tempt your taste buds. I watched folks munching on fresh cherries and apricots while they watched the fabulous Barker Community Band play in our gazebo. It was a beautiful night of sweet music and pleasant chit-chat with friends and neighbors. We love it!


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