Get a perky purple pachyderm to fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Like great pizza? Stop by Wilson’s Pizza Shop in Newfane and get rewarded for helping fund research and programs of the WNY Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. There’s a contest to see which pizzeria can sell the most elephants and Wilson’s is the only one in this end of the county to take up the challenge!

When a customer donates $1 for Alzheimer research and services, they get to add their name, and a tribute to someone else, to a purple paper elephant. The elephant is the symbol of the organization because “an elephant never forgets; people do.” The cut-outs are hanging on the shop wall. As an added incentive to get that wall filled, the Wilson’s are offering a discount coupon for $2 off a large pizza for every elephant purchased, doubling the actual donation for customers. The contest began on August 21 and ends on September 15, and the Wilsons hope they’ll have to give out a lot of discounts.

            The shop at 2730 Main Street is a local fixture, serving up pizza, subs, chicken wings, veggie specialties and more. They make a calzone sub, as long as a sub, that’s hearty enough for game days and there are weekly specials and game day packages as well. The Wilsons added a deli to the shop and they sell cold cuts, home-cooked roast beef and cheeses and deli salads. The shop is closed Mondays, open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday and 4 to 9 p.m. on Sunday.  The number is 778-9651.


An Alaskan’s perspective on Vice President Palin

If you think we’re bewildered here in New York over McCain’s Veep choice, check out this blog. There’s even a photo of the little town where Sarah was mayor- like a scene out of “Northern Exposure.”  It’s an interesting perspective from someone who knows a lot more about McCain’s latest sweet young thing than the rest of the country!! Check it out!

More on the McCain-Palin ticket!

In my haste to vent my feelings this afternoon, when news broke about the new gal on the ticket, I forgot the cruelest joke of all. Thanks, Mary, for reminding me in your comment that if age were to claim McCain, we would have this woman as president. My head spins at the thought of it. I really think the only thing that kept Bush from being booted out on his cocky behind was that we woud have had Cheney as president, a far worse fate. Even a young, healthy candidate has to consider what would happen if fate intervened.
Obama has picked a candidate who could move up and take over. I’m sure Hillary would have done the same (and will do in eight years 🙂 . McCain’s obvious attempt to create a candidate based on what he thinks women really want is beyond laughable. In the worst case scenario of his win, death and transfer of power to Miss Alaska, it would be catastrophic.

I tried to be objective when listening to our Dem covention. I tried to hear it as an uncommitted voter- as a general message beyond party lines. We all want to bring our troops home. We all want to provide for them and their families. We want health care and education for all, and jobs to stay here in America. There was no talk of handouts or giveaways. Obama made it clear that the dream should be there for anyone willing to work for it. He made it clear that government cannot parent and that we must bear the burden of energy conservation and community service. I am so tired of hearing the Republicans accuse Democrats of having a welfare mind-set; of giving everything away. With apologies to the good, wise and fair Republicans (and there are many) I am tired of the Good Ol’Boy hierarchy.

Coming of age in the middle of the Viet Nam “Conflict” years, I remember the bumper stickers that said “War is good for business-invest your son.” For Haliburton, Cheney and the fat cat politicians making billions of dollars on this war in Iraq…for the Texas oil barons and big oil companies playing war games for profit… it’s a sad truth. They don’t care what price we pay in lives and dollars, nor do they care who is going to rebuild America.

It’s time for us to separate government from business and politicians from profit, on BOTH sides of the fence. It’s time we started thinking about what is best for our country and our future. Unless we can learn to blend blue and red into a harmonious shade of purple, we stand the chance of ripping our country right up the middle. Our forefathers would never have believed we would dissolve into a civil war. Can we be sure?

I am supporting candidates who pledge to make peace and promote bipartisanship. I don’t want another gun-toting yahoo to get in office and start taking pot-shots at anyone who disagrees- especially on the world stage. As a proud American, I find comfort in allies around the world. I want a leader who will work with other world leaders for the common good, not yell “Bring-em-on.” I want my country to be respected, not feared; admired, not hated. I want the world to know that we the people of America are nothing like the people in charge thee last eight years. The truth is, I am really anxious about what lies ahead. I hope, when the dust settles, that we will still have some global allies left.

I’d like to think everyone will see McCain’s Veep choice as the desperate attempt it is, and understand how little the republicans seem to respect the enormity of this election. This is not a damn video game, boys. Wtacking up points doesn’t matter, and when you see the flashing “Game Over”…it really will be.

Will Hillary supporters vote for Sarah Palin?

Are you kidding? Does John McCain really think that we supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid just because she was a woman? His choice of a woman as his running mate was obviously calculated to get votes from those who were looking to elect a woman to the White House. Sara herself appealed to the disenfranchised Hillary supporters. This has got to be the dumbest thing McCain has done yet. Mike Huckabee said “Governor Palin … will remind women that if they are not welcome on the Democrat’s ticket, they have a place with Republicans.” What kind of Kool-aid are these men drinking that they think all women care about is electing someone who produces estrogen? We are far more intelligent than that, boys. Our country’s future is at stake here; we’re not choosing up sides for kick-ball.

With the current state of affairs in America, we must vote for a strong leader to help solve problems at home and to improve our image around the world. Do they really think we supported Hillary just because she is a woman? How shallow and stupid do the Republicans think we are? We supported Hillary because she was “the best man for the job” and just happened to be a woman. This is not the time in our history to try to be “politically correct” by picking a candidate based on gender or race. I support Hillary because of her toughness, her ideas and her ability to do the job- not because it’s time for a woman in the White House. I will now support Obama because he expresses the same Democratic ideas and visions that I embrace. And no, I’m not supporting him because he’s black. He’s an intelligent, dedicated and qualified candidate.

Listen to MCain attack Obama on his youth, his inexperience, etc. and then look at the age and qualifications of the Alaskan governor he picked as a VP.  So what if she’s been under scrutiny for firings concerning her brother-in-law. Oh, and she hopes the scandal over the indictment of Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens won’t be “too distracting.” When your party looks under every rock to find slime to fling at opponents, we should just ignore very real issues from your home state? I don’t think so, Sarah. The sad thing is, you don’t see that they are just using you to snag the Hillary supporters. If there had not been Hillary, your party would never have considered you. A pretty young thing is not going to make McCain’s offer of another 4 years of Bush policies and Republicans any more palatable.

It makes me shudder to think that there are people who will vote for gender, for color (or lack of it) or looks or other inane reasons. Neighbors and friends, staunch anti-Bush voters whom I respect deeply are in a position where they are saying they would rather not vote at all than vote for a black candidate. All because of scare tactics and hate-mongering. The politics of fear is alive and well.

It’s going to be a long couple of months until election day, with no guarantee it won’t drag out for months after. I’m ready to scrap the whole delegate/electoral college process and go for the popular vote. After the last two elections, nothing would surprise me.

Farmer’s breakfast for 2 charities Saturday!

Kick-start your Saturday with a hearty all-you-can-eat breakfast at the Masonic Lodge in Middleport. the proceeds will benefit our Challenger Sports League and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, two great causes. The Boy Scouts are putting on the breakfast- what a great service to the community! Let’s show our support for all of them! I’ll be there bright and early for some freshly brewed coffee, the perfect way to start a sleepy Saturday!




Sponsored by


Saturday, August 30, 2008

7-11 AM

Middleport Masonic Hall

Main Street, Middleport

Price:   11 years old and up            $5.00

10 years old and under $2.50

Breakfast includes: Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs,

Home Fries, Sausage, Juice, Coffee, Milk

Proceeds to benefit Muscular Dystrophy

Association and Challenger Sports League

Farmer’s Market Alert

Thursday- 8/28. At 4:20 p.m. it’s raining lightly in Barker, with no lightning or thunder. Since everyone comes from different directions and the rain length is unpredictable, the market will go on as planned for those vendors/buyers who show up. Dale Campbell is slated to entertain in the gazebo.

Thank you, Hillary and Bill

It’s no secret that I’m a Democrat in basic ideals and principles; a proud Democrat at that. That said, I like to think that I’m intelligent enough to vote for political candidates based on their records and ability to do the job and I’ll vote across party lines for a better candidate. It’s also no secret that I’m a huge Clinton fan and think Bill Clinton did an amazing job of turning around the country after all those Republican years. I have said I would vote for Bill for president again if I could, despite his personal weaknesses. No one can accuse Hillary of being a warm and squishy person. She is fierce and determined. I think she will make a great president one day. Though I supported and voted for her, I will unite with my party behind Obama. We need to end the current administration- all of it. We need to elect a Democratic president and a congress to support him.

I found it interesting that the whole topic of discussion leading up to the Democratic National Convention was whether or not Hillary would throw a hissy-fit because she was a sore loser. Pundits everywhere were speculating on what she would say. Ditto for a speech by Bill Clinton. One article I read said “Obama throws the dice with Clintons.” Give them a little credit here, folks.

For the record, Hillary’s speech electrified the crowd and she called for unity from the first few sentences. She handled what must have been a heart-breaking moment for her- the tabling of a dream-with eloquence, strength and grace. Bill did the same tonight. It didn’t surprise me, because I’ve always believed they care deeply about what is best for our country. I was proud of the Clintons for leading by example, and hope Obama will make good use of their talents and ideals. Thank you, Bill and Hil, for reminding me why I admire you so much!