Doerfel Family Bluegrass TONIGHT in Barker!

If you haven’t heard the Doerfel Family’s great bluegrass sound, you’re in for a real treat! The family of 12, each more talented than the next, is a joy to watch. The Springville family has been to Branson and all over and they’re stopping at our Barker Farmer’s Market tonight!  The market runs from 5 to 7 :30 p.m. in our Barker Village Park, Quaker and Main. The skies may threaten but they’ll be safe and dry in our gazebo, and you can bring that umbrella with your chair, just in case! The concert is free; we’ll pass the hat to help defray expenses. Come on down! Check them out at Here’s a review from the site!

Take 2 parents and 10 kids, put them in a 40-foot bus, and send them on the road for 3 years playing their music. What do you get? The Doerfels, an amazing 12 member family bluegrass band, who’ve wowed audiences and impressed critics from Branson, MO up and down the East Coast, to Canada. What makes them remarkable is their average age is 15 years old!
Despite their youth, one Keys reporter has said about their show, “Seasoned musicians watched in awe….” The core band consists of the oldest son and leader TJ, 19, on banjo; Kim, 17, on the fiddle; Eddy, 15, on mandolin; Joey, 14, on bass and cello; and Ben, 12, on guitar. The whole family joins in on certain songs and adds humor to the act, making it entertaining for all ages.
If you like country, gospel, and bluegrass, interspersed with a touch of blues, jazz, swing, and classical, you’ll want to catch this outstanding, young talented band! See why “The Doerfel Family is a force to be reckoned with.”* No strings attached!
*– Steve Baldridge, Goldwing Express, Branson, MO.


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