Burning the midnight oil

The Olympics took a back seat tonight so I could take three young lads to the drive-in to see  “The Mummy.” This is number 3 in the series with Brendan Fraser and I did mention before that some friends gave it several thumbs up. Allow me to add my north-pointing thumbs to the mix. If you are a fan of action movies, high speed chases and lots of guns blazing, this is your movie. It is non-stop action with a little love-story thrown in the mix for the girls. Mom, Dad, son, mysterious woman and tipsy uncle fight live soldiers, resurrected soldiers, clay soldiers, a three headed hydra and more. Oh, I can’t forget the Yetis (big fuzzy white guys of legend) but they were on the good side. I’m not a big-action fan, but I sit through a lot of movies for the kids because they like them. This proved entertaining even for me, and I’m a real wuss.

The boys watched it from a blanket alongside the car, and thoroughly enjoyed the flick. Their collective favorite part was the Yetis in battle. The uncle provides comedic relief, and we laughed on the way home about the Yak “yakking” in a bag during the rough plane ride. Rather than the desert, the movie is set in the mountains of China (hence the Yetis and snow) but the bad guy really is a mummy so it counts as a trilogy and all is well in the end. Still, it leaves a tiny hint in the last frame that mummies were spotted in Peru. Could there be a number 4 in the series?? I know these guys would love it, but I don’t know if my heart can take all that non-stop action. It tuckered me out!

Oh, but I made it back in time to see Michael Phelps and team USA on the medal podium- getting #5 for Phelps. I love watching his Mom cry in the stands every time! And… there’s still time to catch the meteor shower at 2 a.m. If I can take all the excitement!


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