Canning Jars cluttering your cabinets?

Most of us have oddball canning jars stashed under the cupboard, from gifts of jam or Aunt Martha’s chili sauce. The lids, rings and seals are long gone, but they’ll be good for something, right? We have no intention of ever learning to preserve food, but the jars remain undercover with enough old bud vases to decorate a banquet hall. Don’t laugh; you know you save those things.

We are a throw-away society in the sense that when something breaks, goes out of style or we lose interest, we just go buy something new. It’s the throwing away that most of us have problems with. Those of us who are Moon Children on the astrological charts (Cancer) are pack-rats by nature, saving every sentimental card, or ticket stub. Some of us carry it to real extremes, unable to part with anything at all “in case I need it for something.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Ha!

With the economy in a crunch, we need to stop buying things. Think about it. Somene needs the very things you need to unload, and vice versa. Now, unless you’re into yard sales or E-bay listings, chances are it’s easiest to just give it away to clear the clutter in your life. Be like those folks on Craig’s List, just closer to home. Spread the word at church or work or over coffee with the girls if there’s something you could use. You might even try bartering for something they need. Let’s swap and not shop!! Recycle on a more personal level and save your wallet along with the planet.

Folks at our local Farmer’s Market have learned to make the most of nature’s bounty and can fill all of those jars now gathering dust under the sink. Why not haul them out and bring them to the market the next time you come, whether it’s one or a dozen? Big ones, little ones, with or without parts, even the old glass-topped kind can find a loving home, and make some room in your cupboard. Swap, don’t shop… maybe it will catch on!


2 Responses to “Canning Jars cluttering your cabinets?”

  1. Lynnemarie Says:

    I laughed at the part about saving ticket stubs because I used to save them in my scrapbooks. I have graduated to the musicals program…oh no, more stuff to save…

  2. Sharon Says:

    As a person who cans a lot…. I know I’d sure take or trade for some jars if I met you at a farmers market! Jars are actually getting harder to come by used and more expensive new.

    Swap don’t Shop – I like that.

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