Mourning Professor Plum

Say it isn’t so! The makers of Clue have committed the ultimate crime by killing my favorite game. Oh, I know that they’ve made changes before, to the room decor and style of the board. I really liked the old-fashioned looking rooms but I understand that things have to update. After all, the game was born in 1949, one year before me, and I’ve changed with the times. Well, sort of. The thing is, no matter how you dress me up or where you put me, I’m still me! That’s the way it was with the characters in CLUE.

I was usually Miss Scarlett whenever we played, just because she appealed to my secret sultry side. I grew up with mental images of Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Peacock and the rest. It was mostly left to our imagination and the characters evolved in my mind along with my life experiences. It was rather startling when the CLUE movie was released because although it was a funny parody, the screen characters clashed with my mental cast. Not to worry, there was still the board game to restore the normalcy. Until now.

Hasbro has decided to update the game by giving the characters full names and personalities and, get this, “special powers that might help the players get clues faster.” Hey, I don’t care of you add a spa to the rooms and a trophy and poison to the weapons but I’m going to miss that bent lead pipe. And what of Professor Plum? In my mind he was probably named Percival or Heathcliff, had elbow patches on his rumpled jacket and a pipe he frequently mislaid. He was the quintessential doddering old professor, immersed in books. Get ready to welcome Victor Plum, a billionaire video game designer. Horrors!

They’ve sweetened the pot with extra “intrigue” and “clock” cards but some things just don’t need improvement and no fancy new cards will make up for the loss of life-long friends. The game goes on sale this fall so I’d better stock up on the current edition (who hasn’t lost a weapon or two in a fierce contest to find the who-how-where??? ) Wonder who your favorite character has become? Check out the story at

Private funeral services for the old Miss Scarlett, Miss Peacock, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard and my dear Professor Plum will be held privately, over a panful of brownies. It was a good 59 years.


One Response to “Mourning Professor Plum”

  1. Lynnemarie Says:

    I loved being Miss Scarlett , she was always my favorite . I think the game was fun just the way it was…but of course, I will check out the new one….

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