A Llama in Barker and an Open House for Critters!

          Yes, the kind folks at Lakeview Animal Sanctuary will be bringing the llama and other critters to get up close and personal with the kids at Saturday’s Barker Centennial celebration in the Village Park. Christina Waltrip will be bringing the animals and a pony for rides and they’ll be there from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

        What’s the story behind Lakeview? Sandi Pfohl and her friends really care for animals. For over thirty years, she has rescued animals of every description, and cared for them in her sanctuary in Pendleton, New York. Sandi has over a hundred abused, abandoned, and unwanted critters at Lakeview Animal Sanctuary. Animal feed, supplies such as blankets, straw, medical care and gas are huge expenses for the sanctuary. They would be thrilled with donations of blankets, food, towels and tools or monetary donations toward expenses.

This is a story previously written by Sandi. It is just one poor animal’s story and a life saved.

“Then we have Trooper Bob, an eighteen hundred pound Percheron draft horse with a left front leg that broke and mended wrong. Trooper had been dropped off at the tiger sanctuary in Sinclairville to be used as meat for the cats. The people there couldn’t find it in their hearts to slaughter him (Trooper’s only 5 years old and a kind soul). So off I went with Christine to his rescue, not knowing what we were going to find. We found a HUGE gray horse. His mane and tail were one big burdock and he was so thin his ribs poked out of his sides. He came right over to us and wanted us to pet him: he must have known we were going to take him home. As soon as we got back to the sanctuary, Dr. Jason Wyatt came out to examine him. Because of Trooper’s size and breed, we were told he’s not a candidate for surgery to fix the leg. Dr. Wyatt feels he’s not in any pain and he’s getting around okay, so we’re just going to keep an eye on him. He goes out every day to pay. He looks funny now because we shaved his mane because of the burdocks but before long he will be the big beautiful boy he was before the buzz cut.”

    Go to the “Open House” at the farm on Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be food, a basket auction, “goat chip BINGO,” a pet psychic, wildlife demos, kid’s games, pony rides, petting zoo and more activities. The farm is located at 5180 Feigle Road in Pendleton, just outside of Lockport. 716-625-8855


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