Thank You, Barker!

To all those who came to our little village park to help celebrate the 100th birthday of the Village of Barker, I say “Thank you!”  Our committee tried hard to bring a little something for everyone to the festivities and we are grateful to those who came out to enjoy it. Young and old, from village and town and surrounding communities, sampled some old-fashioned delights during a steamy summer weekend. In a way, it signaled the end of summer as we gear up for school and the changing of the season.

To those who came to our aid this past weekend; Jane Dent of the American Cancer Society, our Barker Fire Police, Matt Costello, John and Shirley Taylor of Pallister House Florists, Carol Ander and Thee Barker Store, Judy and Mark Remington and PWT, Chris Bitsas and the Barker Diner, HSBC Barker, the Barker Free Library and food judges Lynnemarie Donner, Betty Scrivano and Steve Giroux, no words can express my gratitude for your support.

The Barker Centennial Committee was short on volunteers but large in heart, and to those who have hung in there for the past year of plans and events go my deepest thanks and admiration. It was an uphill battle to try to step back in time in a busy and frenzied world. People are just too caught up in their own lives to get involved these days, but some people cared enough to put their own plans and fun aside to make time for all that needed doing. Each of those contributions was extremely important to the success of eight months of attention focused on our hometown, and each was deeply appreciated.

I like to think there are children who will remember this weekend fondly when they reminisce about childhood fun, just the way us old folks do. I am proud of what the committee accomplished with not a lot of money and not a lot of help; the old-fashioned way. There are still four months left in our Centennial year and we may yet find ways to celebrate, but our Summer Splendor was every bit as glorious as we intended and it came to you with a great deal of heart poured in. We hope you had fun and made memories!


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