Thank you, Hillary and Bill

It’s no secret that I’m a Democrat in basic ideals and principles; a proud Democrat at that. That said, I like to think that I’m intelligent enough to vote for political candidates based on their records and ability to do the job and I’ll vote across party lines for a better candidate. It’s also no secret that I’m a huge Clinton fan and think Bill Clinton did an amazing job of turning around the country after all those Republican years. I have said I would vote for Bill for president again if I could, despite his personal weaknesses. No one can accuse Hillary of being a warm and squishy person. She is fierce and determined. I think she will make a great president one day. Though I supported and voted for her, I will unite with my party behind Obama. We need to end the current administration- all of it. We need to elect a Democratic president and a congress to support him.

I found it interesting that the whole topic of discussion leading up to the Democratic National Convention was whether or not Hillary would throw a hissy-fit because she was a sore loser. Pundits everywhere were speculating on what she would say. Ditto for a speech by Bill Clinton. One article I read said “Obama throws the dice with Clintons.” Give them a little credit here, folks.

For the record, Hillary’s speech electrified the crowd and she called for unity from the first few sentences. She handled what must have been a heart-breaking moment for her- the tabling of a dream-with eloquence, strength and grace. Bill did the same tonight. It didn’t surprise me, because I’ve always believed they care deeply about what is best for our country. I was proud of the Clintons for leading by example, and hope Obama will make good use of their talents and ideals. Thank you, Bill and Hil, for reminding me why I admire you so much!


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