Will Hillary supporters vote for Sarah Palin?

Are you kidding? Does John McCain really think that we supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid just because she was a woman? His choice of a woman as his running mate was obviously calculated to get votes from those who were looking to elect a woman to the White House. Sara herself appealed to the disenfranchised Hillary supporters. This has got to be the dumbest thing McCain has done yet. Mike Huckabee said “Governor Palin … will remind women that if they are not welcome on the Democrat’s ticket, they have a place with Republicans.” What kind of Kool-aid are these men drinking that they think all women care about is electing someone who produces estrogen? We are far more intelligent than that, boys. Our country’s future is at stake here; we’re not choosing up sides for kick-ball.

With the current state of affairs in America, we must vote for a strong leader to help solve problems at home and to improve our image around the world. Do they really think we supported Hillary just because she is a woman? How shallow and stupid do the Republicans think we are? We supported Hillary because she was “the best man for the job” and just happened to be a woman. This is not the time in our history to try to be “politically correct” by picking a candidate based on gender or race. I support Hillary because of her toughness, her ideas and her ability to do the job- not because it’s time for a woman in the White House. I will now support Obama because he expresses the same Democratic ideas and visions that I embrace. And no, I’m not supporting him because he’s black. He’s an intelligent, dedicated and qualified candidate.

Listen to MCain attack Obama on his youth, his inexperience, etc. and then look at the age and qualifications of the Alaskan governor he picked as a VP.  So what if she’s been under scrutiny for firings concerning her brother-in-law. Oh, and she hopes the scandal over the indictment of Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens won’t be “too distracting.” When your party looks under every rock to find slime to fling at opponents, we should just ignore very real issues from your home state? I don’t think so, Sarah. The sad thing is, you don’t see that they are just using you to snag the Hillary supporters. If there had not been Hillary, your party would never have considered you. A pretty young thing is not going to make McCain’s offer of another 4 years of Bush policies and Republicans any more palatable.

It makes me shudder to think that there are people who will vote for gender, for color (or lack of it) or looks or other inane reasons. Neighbors and friends, staunch anti-Bush voters whom I respect deeply are in a position where they are saying they would rather not vote at all than vote for a black candidate. All because of scare tactics and hate-mongering. The politics of fear is alive and well.

It’s going to be a long couple of months until election day, with no guarantee it won’t drag out for months after. I’m ready to scrap the whole delegate/electoral college process and go for the popular vote. After the last two elections, nothing would surprise me.


3 Responses to “Will Hillary supporters vote for Sarah Palin?”

  1. Syl. Hargood Says:

    What a fantastic assesment of the situation. As a female 64 who is a feminist and has come through it all this choice of Sara is the most unfortunate thing that could happen to women. Alternatively what a fantastic coup for Barack…… I am Canadian and all my colleagues and I could think of are McCain’s age and how he pounds on Barack about his lack of experience…… How amazing just one heart beat and Sara could be the next president of the USA. Lets all prevent this possiblilty from even entering the radar screen.

  2. Mary Says:

    Hear -hear

  3. Mary Says:

    I agree I’m pretty tired of the distraction – the reducing people to one or two issues too … I am really sick of hearing fear propaganda.
    Too many sons and daughters are dying and injured from war and the pit in my stomach says – please bring them home…. The economy sucks – and people are losing homes and filing bankruptcy at record rates.
    Global warming really exists and our dependency on foreign oil is a root of evil.
    I’m really tired of those who question another’s patriotism or religion…..we all have our own personal battlegrounds.
    If you have a decent job – you are working much harder and longer to keep it.
    Equal pay for women is a joke – the good ol boy network still exists.
    Good Health care exists for some and I worry about the future of social security – I hope children will have the right to a good public education and I belive no choice – option – child or adult should be left behind. I wish the talk would stop and more people would do.

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