Palin gun/bikini photo was a fake

As a big fan of, I am continually checking the voracity of emails that come my way. When I posted a photo reported to be Sarah Palin in the wee hours of September 2, Snopes still had no report on it. A reader has since pointed out that it has been proven to be a fake. If you click the link to Snopes, you will see the actual photo is someone else, retouched. In fairness, I have removed it. The Snopes site shows many others currently circulating, also photoshopped.

Politics inspire passionate feelings, on either side, and my opposition to the Republican ticket still stands. It is, however, based on political experience and candidate’s views, and not random photos
(and yes, I did watch the GOP convention and listened to Palin’s speech). That said, I will confine my opinions to my own words and not help in the spread of campaign lies on either side. Thank you to the reader who tracked down this photo/story. I am always willing to stand corrected for my actions.

Original post below
(photo of gun-toting female in a flag bikini removed)

Okay, it’s not just the guns. I happen to be an anti-gun person while respecting an individual’s right to protect themselves. Serious hunters who hunt for food should be allowed to have weapons. It’s the irresponsible use of guns and alcohol for casual fun that disturbs me… as it must have disturbed Dick Cheney’s hunting companion. This picture is anything but fun. Drinking poolside parties are no place for weapons and you’d think a mother of 5 would be a better example. Yes, this is sure the way to gain world respect for our leaders once more. *sigh* What are they thinking?????????


One Response to “Palin gun/bikini photo was a fake”

  1. Cindi Gibson Says:

    This is a fabricated photo. Check it out on

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