Palin’s daughter deserves privacy

In this muddle of presidential politics, everything about the candidates is fair game… EXCEPT their children. Spouses come under scrutiny as a matter of course, because they are in the public eye, at public functions, and represent us. The children of politicians don’t ask for the limelight or the burden of office. No parent can know the road their child will take. To say an unwed teenage daughter makes Palin unqualified to be Vice President is a non-issue.

That said, it is interesting to me that there is no sex-education in Alaska schools because Palin believes abstinence is the only way. She is also anti-abortion, so it makes sense her daughter would carry through her pregnancy. They say “she’s going to marry the father” but is that wise? At 17 and 18 they don’t seem to have made the wisest of choices so far; will a shotgun wedding make it all right? An unexpected pregnancy can happen to any family, any time. We should not judge. I sincerely hope those teens are not forced into marriage just for appearances or politics.

I have plenty of reasons to think Palin is a bad choice for VP, but a daughter who is an unwed mother is not one of them. What about the years Palin was an Independence party member and she rallied for Alaska to secede from the United States? Polar bears endangered? Just shoot the rest of them. How about teaching creationism in school? Personally, I think my Christian faith should be taught in church, by qualified Christians and not in public schools by lay teachers. Too little experience as governor after a few years as a very small town mayor, with investigations into inappropriate firings ongoing. No, there is  enough to fault Palin on without condemning her, or her daughter, for this pregnancy.


2 Responses to “Palin’s daughter deserves privacy”

  1. Denny Says:

    I agree with you completely. Children should NOT be fair game to exploit and subject to media scutiny unless there is an overriding issue of the public’s right to know invovled. I didn’t like it when Mrs. Clinton’s daughter was used for political purposes. It just makes me really mad.

    But I want to give a little lesson about the US presidency.

    I hereby educate all that Sarah Palin may or may not be ready to be POTUS. But remember, she is not the head of the ticket, while McCain, who almost nobody thinks cannot be POTUS, is. However, Barack Obama is arguably WOEFULLY not ready to be POTUS due to a complete and utter history of being wrong about the nature, complexity, interworkings, logistics and even the reasons of using the US military and the bully pulpit thereof, the presidency. His recent futile attempts to understand the threats we face are his three-times-to-get-it-right flap about the Russian the bear invading its neigbor Georgia. This and talking to Iranian madmen without preconditions are prime examples of how NOT to conduct US foreign affairs.

    I do further educate readers about Joeseph Biden, who opposed Reagan’s military buildup that ultimately led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries, opposed the first gulf war when Iraq invaded Kuwait, supported the 2003 Iraq resolution and has consistently opposed the “surge” that is working beautifully in Iraq. He wanted to break the country of Iraq up (and I guess the entire middel east) into Shia, Sunni and Kurkish areas, which would probably have seen Iran gaining some part of Iraq for their own.

    Lesson is done for now.

    Thank you.

    McCain-Palin 2008!

  2. juliechatterbox Says:

    My personal political views are widely known and at this point, I would vote for ANYBODY who would not continue the Republican agenda. My country is in trouble and Bush and company helped put us there. Despite McCain’s sudden switch to “Change” as his motto, he would have no power over a party dominated by big money and global business.
    That said, isn’t it great to live in a democracy where you have freedom of choice and the right to voice your opinion? We do not need to agree; we need only to genuinely care about America. In the interest of fair speech and equal time, your comment is displayed without edit.

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