Keep those dimes out of the trash! Box Tops 4 Education

How many dimes are in your kitchen garbage can? There are hundreds of box tops and labels that are worth a dime- ten cents each- to our local school. The “Box Tops 4 Education” program started with box tops on cake mixes and cereal, but the program has spread to so many more products that everyone has got to buy at least a few of them.

 I challenge you to see how many you can find. Why? Because the PTSA at Barker’s Pratt Elementary and Middle School take the time to collect, sort and redeem them, getting all those dimes to use for supplies and equipment for our kids. Think they don’t add up? Since 2002, Barker has redeemed 44,520 box tops; that’s $4,452 for our kids! They collected 12,270 last year alone ($1,227) and I know we can do a lot better if we all pitch in.

Betty Crocker cake mixes, General Mills cereals, Hamburger Helper mixes, Betty Crocker potato mixes and snacks like Chex Mix all have Box Tops 4 Education. If you don’t use mixes or eat cereal, how about frozen vegetables by Green Giant or Totino’s Pizza Rolls? Healthy eaters will find them on Yoplait yogurt in the dairy case and the Fiber One line of products.

Don’t throw out those Huggie bags! Huggies diapers and pants count for box tops and so do personal care products from Poise and Kotex. One thing we all use is products from the paper aisle. Cottonelle, Scott, Kleenex and Viva all count for those dimes. Hefty bags and plate products do, too. Get yourself a box of big Ziploc bags (take off the box top points), open one up and start stuffing it! It may take a little effort to get into the habit, but you’ll discover how many of those little box tops were going into the trash!

Don’t have a child to send your Ziploc bag to school with? Drop it off at the Town Hall, Barker School or Thee Barker Store. You collect them and I’ll get someone will take them off your hands!

Go to and you can learn all about the program, get lots of coupons for box top products and chances to win more points for your favorite school! There’s a huge list of products and other ways to earn points. Did you know an order at Oriental Trading Company can earn a 4 percent rebate for the PTSA?  Order books and more to rack up points. Don’t want to bother with the internet? Just rip off those “Box Tops 4 Education” pieces off items you already buy and those dimes could add up to a lot of dollars! I’m looking for the person who collects the most for our Barker PTSA. Will it be you?


One Response to “Keep those dimes out of the trash! Box Tops 4 Education”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this in support of our kids. I keep looking, but don’t use pre-packaged or processed foods. I’m sure many people do & your reminder will help the cause. – D

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