Prayer is a phone call away…

Prayer“Prayer changes things; may we pray for you?” The members of West Somerset Baptist Church in Appleton, NY have a prayer room where they gather to pray for the intentions of anyone who believes in the power of prayer. There is a phone number to call, 24 hours a day, to ask for prayers. you can leave a message, in confidence and complete privacy. Telephone

Some people are sick, others may be in financial crisis, out of a job or troubled in some other way. At the Prayer Room, everyone is invited to share their burdens regardless of faith affiliation or distance. Prayers go out from the group for people all across the world. God answers prayers; He is just waiting to be asked. Community prayer in times of trial or disaster has been known to work miracles, and sometimes just being able to share your burden is a blessing in itself. It can’t hurt. Call 716-795-9696. Help may be just a prayer away. Prayer Prayer Prayer Prayer Prayer Prayer   


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