Ghost Hunters at Marjim Manor!

Those of you who have visited The Winery at MarJim Manor on Lake Road in Appleton, know the ghost stories attached to the wonderful old building on the lake. The television program “Ghost Hunters” filmed a segment at the Manor to see if they would be visited by the resident ghost. The episode of Ghost Hunters will air on October 15 and they are having a Ghost Hunter’s Party at the winery. What will the program reveal??? Here is info from owner Margo Bittner:

 Drinking Red Wine “Want to join in the fun? The party at the Manor will be from 8 PM until 11 PM. (The show airs at 9). For $20 a person, you receive a keepsake wine glass and refreshments. We’ll have door prizes and a costume contest. Come dressed as your favorite character from our ghost story and you may just win! Our special edition wine, “Thursday Afternoon at 3″ will be available that night. Tickets are limited, so make your reservations early!” You can get tickets and information about the winery at 

Ghost GhostGhostGhostGhostGhost


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