An antivirus virus has me down!

 Virus Just when you think it’s safe to dive into the web…some slimy creature finds you. My blog absence has been largely due to my attempt to fix my own colossol blunder. In four years of computing at the dinosaur desktop, I’ve been protected by a subscription to McAfee and haven’t had any problems. When I was gifted with the laptap earlier this year, the forty bucks a year for virus protection was way at the bottom of my bills-to-pay pile, in hindsight a huge mistake.

When my internet shut down the other day with a “blue-screen” error, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I dragged out the credit card and searched “McAfee antivirus protection.” Going to the site, I was in the middle of selecting a plan when a window popped up that said “Antivirus XP 2008” now scanning programs. That was the beginning of the end. While I continued to set up a second McAfee account, this XP virus debugger (looking all very proper) continued to scan and informed me I had 2652 viruses and that I should sign the licensing agreement (conveniently popped up) for removal. Click on “no.” That didn’t take either screen away. Dragging them out of sight, I downloaded the McAfee tools at a screaming 2 KBs (It took hours), trying to get by the bug. *sigh* When the McAfee was in, it couldn’t scan or fix because it’s being blocked.

An attempt to go to a  web address meets with a security threat screen with options. If I choose “proceed to this site unprotected-not recommended” another window opens to ask me if I’m sure I want to keep exposing my computer to Iraqi terrorists! True! The program will not remove delete or go away. If I turn on the computer, those two Antivirus XP 2008 windows are first up and it’s all downhill from there. 

After hours of exasperating fiddling with it, I went to the old dinosaur desktop (we’re talking dial-up on an ancient machine) where I proceeded to print out a rescue disk to clear the laptop. Aha! About ten hopeful minutes went by before I figured out that I’m an idiot… there is no floppy disc port on the laptop! Now, I never said I was good with computers. I know my way around word processing and email, but programming is not in my repertiore. Apparently, neither is de-bugging! How can something so small make you feel so powerless…and stupid? Until I figure out how to kill the virus and resume control, I may be a little scarce. If you don’t have protection, don’t be too cheap to spend the money. Trust me, you’ll pay dearly in the end if one of those little buggers makes itself at home at your place! 

                              Buggie 2 


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