Medina Mustangs are WILD!

I spent Saturday in Medina at the Festival of Bands, to cover the Medina Mustangs Marching Band for the paper. It was a beautiful Saturday night and an amazing show! The musicians and color guard worked really hard to put together a spectacular display and the hometown crowd was clearly excited. The parents, families and students were wonderful hosts to ten other bands from as far away as Pennsylvania. Not only did the Mustangs win their divsion, but they had the highest score across all divisions!

It was great to talk to parents whose children have been a part of the decades long history of the band, and the young children who dream about making the band when they grow up. Most parents said that the band members had to excell in all areas, not just in the band room. They learn responsibility and life skills that serve them through college and beyond. The whole community rallies around their top-notch band and the field was filled with hundreds of cheering, adoring supporters. There was a lot of Mustang pride out there and it was well-deserved! Go Mustangs!

 Marching Band Marching BandMarching BandMarching Band


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