It’s Homecoming Week in Barker!

We couldn’t have a better weather week for the Barker High School Homecoming festivities! It’s been beautiful! The students have been gearing up all week for the annual Homecoming Parade, and the theme this year is “Countries.” The photo above is from 2006, when Superheroes reigned, and this was a really cool Superman float with a revolving Daily Planet (That’s Shawn Gendrue as the Man of Steel- he’s a senior this year). Last year’s theme was Storybook Characters and I didn’t get to snap many photos because I was busy being a judge!  This week’s parade happens at 5:30 p.m. on Friday an we’re hoping the winds are a little less fierce! A lot of work goes into the floats, so get out there and cheer as they pass by! This photo was last year’s Class of 2008 Spirit Float and we all know how LOUD those classes can get! This is the week when jello gets used as hair dye and kids turn up  multi-hued to show class colors. Fun! Fun! Fun! be there!

The big Homecoming game against Attica happens at 1:30 on Saturday, with the Homecoming Dance at 7. Have fun, everyone! Go Raiders!!



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