Hurray for Homecoming!

Its Great Britain for the Juniors

After a gorgeous weather week, the gray skies loomed over Barker’s Homecoming parade. Raindrops started to fall just as the parade was getting underway, but it didn’t matter to the spectators or the students. The balloon covered Spirit Floats were loud and proud, and we’ve added the color purple to the pallete for the freshmen.

My favorite float was the Sophomore Egyptian float. I know that traditionally the Seniors win, and their giant Buddha was a sight to behold, but I still thought Egypt was the best. The “freshmates” chose Australia and the Juniors did a great English float with big Ben, the Queen’s Guard and London Bridge. The Barker Alumni Association had a float this year, with some young-at-heart alumns aboard. All in all, a great job all around.

The parade is one of  those long-standing traditions that we need to support and preserve. It’s a rite of passage for our young people and it brings back memories for the old folks! Our little parade may seem hokey compared to some elaborate ones by big school districts, but we’re proud of it! Now we just have to win that football game tomorrow. GO RAIDERS!!


One Response to “Hurray for Homecoming!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I thought our little parade was awesome. I saddens me that traditions like these have gone by the wayside in so many communities. I’m glad I live in a place that cherishes these traditions that make hometowns so special.

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