A legal scholar’s view of Catholics for Obama

Pam McCarthy shared this link and I thought it too important to get lost in the comment section. It eloquently states the case faced by those of the Catholic faith. Please read it!


For me, there is no dilemma. What is right for me, for my faith, cannot be forced upon others. My job as a Catholic is to share my faith, to try to inspire others to embrace the faith, to pray to overcome evil in this world and to care for all those who share God’s earth with me. I try to do that job every day of my life. Republicans belittle us democrats for “giveaway” programs. They cannot understand that some are happy to share the earth’s resources rather than amass them for personal gain. Despite problems inherent in any party, I will remain as true to my democratic ideals as I do my faith, for they go hand in hand.  I am not voting for a cardinal or pope to spread the Catholic doctrine. I am voting for a president, a layman who must see to the needs of ALL his people, of all faiths and none, not just the high and mighty rich. I want a president who will restore our reputation around the world as a defender of freedom, justice and the downtrodden. I will never be ashamed to be an American, but I am saddened by the eroding of our image these past eight years.

Thank you Pam, for sharing!


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