Politics under a full moon

I have a headache. I am determined to keep up with all the issues, to research the innuendos, to debunk the scary email forwards and to keep my sanity for a few more weeks. It isn’t easy, for sure. While I expect the usual slurry of mud as the pace picks up, the absolute hateful rhetoric of  the past weeks has me on edge. How can any American stand in a crowd yelling racist cries for beheading and hanging? Where is the outrage against hate-mongers? Having lived during the racial battles of the 60s I shudder to think anyone would ignite those fires again. Despite pockets of  racism, I thought we, as a country, had moved on. I agree that you can’t hold the person at the podium responsible for what is yelled by fanatics on the fringe, unless the person at the podium is fueling the fire. I had been feeling a bit sorry for the things that the McCain political machine were making John do. He is a good man who has served his country well, but politics are diminishing his hero stature. I have no respect or sympathy left for Palin, who is blasting away with no ammunition, if you know what I mean. Caribou Barbie’s day is done.

I’m disappointed that the Obama camp has to revisit the Keating Five era and hate that the mud-slinging has brought us here. I speak to people around me who really have no clue about the issues but they know all the scary stories and innuendos. In this day and age, a voter can remain informed and on top of the fray with judicious reading, watching and researching. Sometimes you have to dig deep for the true picture, but we’re talking survival here! Does anybody really care????  They scoff at the idea of watching a debate or looking at someone’s actual voting records or history. Too much like work! Boooring!

I care! I REALLY care! I may have to lock myself up until election day to keep my sanity because I cannot believe the things that ordinarily pleasant, intelligent people can spew out over a cup of joe at the local coffee counter!

I just want it to be over!


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