Obama’s primetime “infomercial”

There were a lot of scathing remarks from the McCain/Palin camp about Obama’s half hour on television tonight. It was derided as an infomercial, a commercial. I watched with interest and was pleased to see that it told many stories of average Americans who will be affected by this election.

Obama simply, and eloquently, stated his positions and ideas. There was no slamming of the opponent, no sparring, no grandstanding. Why can’t ALL campaigning be like this?? I think we should suspend the debates and all campaign ads and rhetoric and just give the candidates time to talk, openly and honestly, about themselves and their platform. Instead of millions spent giving the same message in hundreds of cities, give the candidates big chunks of prime time to reach everyone at once! It was wonderful!

Even if I had not been an Obama supporter, I would stil have been impressed by the personal tone of the message and the sincerity with which it was delivered. It will, indeed, be a long six days! Every day my email is full of forwards, from Christian people I admire and respect, spouting hateful rhetoric about Obama. Obama the Muslim. Obama the terrorist. Obama the non-American. Obama the anti-Christ. It sickens me to read the hateful slander that has otherwise good, decent people believing an Obama presidency spells doom for America. Though I try to understand the base fears that allow them to be taken in by such evil propaganda, I am still saddened by their unwillingness to seek the truth behind it.  And yet, these are friends, acquaintences, neighbors…and so I quietly shudder and hit delete as the attacks grow stronger.  The election will soon be over and the desperate attacks will cease. Won’t they?

I am proud to be a part of a democracy, and I respect each person’s right to choose their own party and candidates. I am always willing to listen to opposing points of view, content and unshakable in my own views. This past 18 months has strained a lot of relationships over politics. Usually, it ends after the polls close and we go back to everyday life before the election. This time though, I worry that my deep disappointment in some of those “good, decent, Christian folks” will make it impossible to see them in quite the same way. No difference of opinion justifies the proliferation of hate I have seen in this campaign. I thought we had come so far from those old racially-charged days of mistrust. I hope that we can heal after the wounds inflicted this time around.

I know just the man to help mend the rifts and get us all working together. I watched his “infomercial” just tonight, and I was proud. Only 6 days to go.


One Response to “Obama’s primetime “infomercial””

  1. wordwizard Says:

    Julie, my sister of the heart, once again you have written eloquently, logically, beautifully, and with wisdom that overrides the vitriolic rhetoric that ends up in your inbox (and mine) … you truly speak for those of us who crave an end to the anger, fear mongering and hatred that has hung like a black cloud over this great nation for the past eight years. Enough, as the saying goes, is enough!

    Like you, I was incredibly moved by Sen. Obama’s touching testimony Wednesday night. Television is his medium, without a doubt, and he used the time wisely, reinforcing what I already know about him – that he has wisdom that belies his years; that he has razor sharp intelligence, empathy, perception and the steady hand this country needs to steer it back on course. It is time for hope – for all Americans. It is time for the change that only Sen. Obama can give us. It is time for the greatest nation on earth to once again claim the stature and respect that has been bruised and broken under the present administration.

    Yes, we can! Together … And with Barack Obama as our leader.

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