Little kids and the big screen

I rounded up some youngsters this evening to catch the last of the free Thursday night movies at Barker School. The family movie tonight was Alvin and the Chipmunks, last year’s big screen hit. When Alvin, Theodore and Simon belt out ‘The Chipmunk Song” you have to smile. Have we really listened to that song for nearly fifty years? Yep, we’re that old.

The beauty part of movies in the school auditorium is that toddlers and wee ones can wander and plop down on the rug in front of the screen if they want to. During the last eight weeks of films they’ve danced to the Lion King, walked the yellow brick road with Dorothy and the gang, cheered on the characters in Cars and enjoyed the shared laughter and moments of awe in the presence of larger than life characters. Sure, parents could probably rent the movies and have the kids watch them on television, but it’s the magic of the darkened theatre and the big screen that makes it special. The only thing missing was the popcorn (no food allowed in the school aud) but everyone enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy the shared experience of family movies.

Coming up on December 6th is a chance for you to enjoy a really magical Christmas movie with the little ones in your life. “Polar Express” wil be shown at the Palace Theatre at 10 a.m. that day, part of the Light Up Lockport celebration. It’s the largest movie screen in Niagara County and admission is free. How great is that? Plus, you can get that hot popcorn or box of Raisinettes to get the full experience. Shre some big screen magic with the little ones in your life!


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