Is the world going nutty or is it me?

Being a news junky means you get to hear or read a lot of junk with the important stuff. After all, different things interest different people. Still, I find myself shaking my head over what makes news these days.

Nutty News 1-Pamela Anderson wrote a letter of advice to Barack Obama, advising him to legalize pot and the growing of hemp (to help our economy and children) promote vegetarianism and eliminate private heath care. Ummm, I’ll bet Obama is as interested in those opinions as I am. 

Nutty News 2- A man in Arkansas left his cell phone in a McDonald’s restaurant. It contained nude photos of his wife that made their way to the internet. He is suing McD’s for mega-millions. Just who is the REAL idiot here?

Nutty News 3- Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey in front of a camera, and continued to talk while an employee of the turkey farm took hold of a live turkey and fed it into a killing bucket. The turkey thrashed in the background as it was being readied for Thanksgiving dinner and Sarah dismissed suggestions by the interviewer that they move to another spot. You betcha! That is just too much reality TV for me!

Need I go on? Maybe now that the holiday movies are starting to re-run on television, I should stop watching the news. It’s either sad, frustrating, or too stupid to believe! Where are the stories about the GOOD news? We need a little less “Oh, no” and a lot more Ho Ho Ho!!!!


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