Pass the gravy, it’s Thanksgiving!

It’s four a.m. and the big bird in it’s silvery tent just went in the oven. The 20 pound bird is stuffed with our family’s traditional stuffing made with ground celery, onions, cabbage (yes, cabbage) pork sausage, bread cubes, etc., so dense when cooked that it’s like the Thanksgiving meatloaf. I’ll be headed next door to my sister’s house for dinner but I always cook the turkey and make the gravy. The gravy can make or break Turkey Day so it needs a lot of attention and it needs to be plentiful. How else can you enjoy those hot turkey sandwiches for the next three days?

I spent yesterday with a sister-of-the-heart, chatting away in her Avalanche as she braved holiday traffic to run errands. We don’t get to see each other that much because because she’s always working a demanding job or off running somewhere, so face time is a treat. She laughingly told everyone we spoke with to remember that “on Thanksgiving, gravy is considered a beverage, so drink up!” No wonder we get along so well.

All over America there will be millions of people gathered together to share in the bounty, blending old traditions with new ones. Whether you stuff your turkey with cornbread stuffing, traditional celery, bread and onion stuffing or Aunt Stella’s “chestnut, giblit and dried prune stuffing,” most of us are doing what our mamas did, As her mama before did. Tradition looms large on Thanksgiving.

I love turkey, and dressing, and fluffy mashed potatoes, but it’s the gravy that is the crowning touch. It’s a layer of rich comfort poured out over all the rest of the good things. An old relative of mine used to say you could cover up a lot of so-so food with good gravy and it was all better. Real friends are just like the gravy of life, something rich and wonderful to enhance the good things already on your plate. When it comes to having good friends, my gravy bowl overfloweth.

Have a blessed holiday weekend as you break bread with loved ones and relive memories of Thanksgivings shared. However many or few the blessings in your life, they will multiply when shared!


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