Meet Mykie!

My brave buddy Mykel

My brave buddy Mykel

This handsome guy is a ten year-old Buffalo Sabres fan, loves Scouting, singing in the chorus and just having a great old time with brothers Chandler and Dylan. Today, while his brothers are at school, Mykel will be making the trip to Roswell Park Cancer Institute for six hours of chemotherapy, only three weeks into a six month run. A freak accident in gym on Halloween caused a rupture in a tumor that has been growing on his kidney, a tumor that could have been hiding for a long time. Wilm’s tumor was the diagnosis, a children’s kidney cancer usually discovered between 3 and 8 years of age. The tumor is large and grown around the artery, so they are trying to shrink it enough to remove it. Our new slogan around here is “WHIP WILM’S” and everybody who knows the family is rallying around them.

Damn cancer! It is always tough to see someone go through it but when it’s a child it seems so unfair! It leaves big, strong adults feeling helpless. The local American Cancer Society Relay For Life this past year  was dubbed ‘The year of the child’ and the honorary survivors were all local children who have battled cancer. Some have been in remission for years. Shelby, who attends the same school as Mykel, is a few years younger and it has been one year since she was diagnosed with leukemia. She’s endured chemo, spinal taps and endless doctors and hospitals but right now it’s looking good for remission, with only monthly chemo as maintenence. She was one of our honorary survivors and I’m sure Mykel will be walking that survivor’s lap at the 2009 Relay For Life at Lockport in July. It’s one way we can feel hopeful instead of helpless, by helping to find a cure and fund services for all the kids battling cancer in its many forms.

When you’re saying your prayers, say one for Mykel and his family. He’s had lots of hospital trips this week and is hooked up to intravenous fluids for ten hours a night while he sleeps. Then there’s the chemo…

So, you think YOU had a bad day? Before you kvetch about slow traffic or weak coffee, consider the battle this young man faces. Thank God it’s not you, or one of your children. Despite his ordeal, Mykel still has that ready smile for everyone. He could teach us all a lesson about hope and humility.

Stay tuned for details of a pasta dinner/Chinese auction to benefit Mykel and family on Sunday, Dec. 7th at the Hartland Fire Hall, and help us “WHIP WILM’S.”


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