Reverse gratitude

The late news was full of stories of the rich and famous. You know, the “rich and famous” we’ve all allowed ourselves to dream of being. How many times have we thought that money and fame would solve all of our problems? I can’t say that I’ve ever wished I were a particular famous person; I’ve always wanted to be me…only better.  Some very rich and beautiful people made the news today and I’m grateful I’m NOT one of them.

I’m grateful I’m not John and Kelly Travolta- their teenage son died today after a fall at home.

I’m grateful I’m not Dr. Dre, whose 20-year-old son died of a heroine/morphine overdose.

I’m grateful I’m not the Buffalo Bills star player who let liquor and an attitude get him arrested in North Carolina.

I’m grateful I’m not beautiful, talented, rich Heather Locklear who dodged DUI charges but provided a lot of gossip for the mill.

Yes, a lot of times I’m definitely grateful to “NOT” be someone or in some awful circumstance. See, it’s not enough to be grateful just for the good things you have. You need to be  even more grateful for the bad things that pass you by!  Thinking about the awful things you don’t have will give you a lot more lines for that Gratitude Journal! Have you started yours yet?


3 Responses to “Reverse gratitude”

  1. The Meaning of Existence (and all that) » Gratitude Watch - 2009-01-04 Says:

    […] Obermiller at Sunny Side Up returns with “Reverse gratitude,” and makes some a very good points about some people we probably have all envied now and […]

  2. Daniel Brenton Says:

    This post was highlighted in the January 4th edition of Gratitude Watch.

    Thank you again for promoting the value of gratitude.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Thought-provoking post, Julie. We’re conditioned in so many ways to think of what we have when we start thinking about what to be thankful for. You’ve highlighted an important piece of the puzzle with this post. Thanks for the push!

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