You know how things happen for a reason? Well, I think they do…and my new year emphasis on gratitude caught the attention of a fellow blogger named Daniel Brenton. Daniel has a site titled “The Meaning of Existense (and all that)” that you really need to click on to.  His “Curmudgeon’s guide to spirituality” moniker gave me a great laugh and I was delighted to find his Gratitude Watch. Simply put, Daniel is on the lookout for writings or media pertaining to gratitude, and the cyberfairies brought him to my humble blog. If you visit his site you’ll find links to some great ‘good news.’ 

It seems a somewhat daunting task to try to seek out the gratitude in this world but Daniel is on a mission. I’m certainly grateful to be a part of it! Thank you very sincerely much, Daniel!

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One Response to “Sharing”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Hi Julie – the Gratitude thing is catching on! I found your blog through Daniel’s site. I’ve just launched a gratitude “experiment” and blog of my own and would be thrilled to have you swing on by. I’m enjoying your writing and your cheerful posts!

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