Thankful for ‘Rainy Days & Mondays’

Okay, we have impending disaster here. It’s Monday. Ugh. It’s rainy, soggy and gloomy. Ugh. We lost an hour of sleep over the weekend and our internal clocks are off.  Ugh. Add to that tonight’s full moon (those born under the Cancer sign know what I’m talking about) and there seems to be no reason to come out from under the covers! Really though, it is a great day.

Just waking up makes it a good start! The rain has washed away all traces of the black, yucky ice and snow that has hung around for far too long. We know there’s a blast of winter still waiting (always around St. Patty’s Day) but it will come and go quickly. Far beyond those wonderful spring flowers that have begun peeking through the soil, we’ve got lots of farming to do around these parts!

Yes, rain makes mud and some areas do have drainage or flooding problems, but at least we don’t have to shovel it, salt it, or plow it. We need spring to come, and that means more rain, but the gloom gives way to the absolute wonder of the rebirth of the land. Driving the long, country roads becomes a mission of discovery as the landscape grows and changes. Nowhere is the changing of the seasons more dramatic than in farm country, one of the delights of country living!

The Canadian Geese are winging their way back in earnest, the cacophany of sound as they pass overhead in familiar vee formation cuts through the quiet days. They hang around here on the southern shores of Lake Ontario as a sort of layover before the forge across the expanse of the lake to Toronto and points north. Some stay here all year long.

If there’s a good thing about a Monday, it is that it always follows Sunday and leads to Tuesday. It is the constants in our life that ground us. The sun always rises, the stars follow the same path in the heavens and rainy muck gives way to glorious growth. In this hectic, unpredictable, roller coaster ride of life we need the constants to mark our passage and stake our place.

I am grateful for every new day I am given, even as I grumble. I always feel that each awakening is a validation that I have worth and something to put into this life; sort of a job to do in return for the breath of life and the many gifts I am given. For that, I guess, I’ll have to come out from under the covers….


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